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 Simulator Pricing Models

We have negotiated special pricing for both “user packs” and “unlimited usage” annual subscriptions with a number of major franchise and marketing groups. 

Please contact us at  for information on the best available pricing option for your office!

User Packs

The Real Estate Simulator may be used solely as an assessment tool and purchased in "User Packs' to allow the testing of individual candidates seeking a career in real estate sales. The cost is as follows:

User Pack of 5 tests - $450 plus GST ($90 each)
User Pack of 10 tests - $750 plus GST ($75 each)

Unlimited Usage

The use of a "subscription" model where usage is unlimited and therefore not cost prohibitive is, we believe, essential to the successful recruitment of larger numbers of new sales people.

The cost for 'Unlimited Usage' can be as low as $1560 plus GST per annum per office, payable at $130 monthly if required.

The simulator is an extremely powerful recruitment lead generator that will allow offices to advertise locally and on the Internet to drive activity to their own website. Each unlimited usage subscriber will also be required to pay a one-off set up fee of $200 plus GST for an individual website link and a custom branded registration page.

Business owners who subscribe to the system will have the ability to ask anyone they come into contact with who expresses an interest in a career in real estate sales to complete the simulator.

Each participating office will be required to enter into a renewable License Agreement for an initial period of 12 months with annual site license fees payable in 12 equal monthly installments. It is important to note that the Real Estate Simulator will only be available to offices with a current agreement and only to their defined "Permitted Users".

Our goal is to make the commitment to The Real Estate Simulator affordable for all companies. The return on investment for each office is significant when viewing the relationship between cost and the true value of each successful salesperson recruited.

Monthly Site License Fees

The annual site license fee, payable in 12 equal monthly installments, will vary dependent upon the number of offices in the group

200 plus offices Site license fee $130 plus GST per office per month.
100 to 200 offices   Site license fee   $150 plus GST per office per month
50 to 100 offices   Site license fee   $175 plus GST per office per month
Up to 50 offices   Site license fee   $200 plus GST per office per month

(All prices are in Australian Dollars. Supply of services to New Zealand is GST free.)


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