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What is the Real Estate Simulator?

The Real Estate Simulator is an on-line assessment tool using video simulation technology, intelligence testing  and personality profiling to assess the probability of success of new sales recruits.


How long does it take to complete the Simulator?

You will need to allow about 40 minutes to complete the Simulator. If you are interrupted for any reason you may re-enter the program at any time at the same point at which you discontinued the test.


How does the Simulator work?

Candidates interact with virtual clients on the internet in situations depicting the appraising, listing and selling of property. You have to react to the situations, and in the process, establish the client's needs, deal with objections, negotiate and close the sale. It is unique and real estate specific. You can access the Simulator through our website 24/7!

The system will statistically compare your responses and personal characteristics to top performers in the industry and generate a detailed report for you.


How do I get the results?

The system produces comprehensive reports that are automatically emailed to the address entered on the Registration Page.


What is in the report?

The report provides a graph on a candidate’s overall suitability for the role along with graphs that demonstrate a person’s strengths and weaknesses in several key areas essential to success in real estate sales. These include building rapport, managing the sales process, closing skills and more! The detailed personality profile covers areas such as sociability, assertiveness, achievement, dependability and emotional resilience.

(click here to view sample report)


How do I pay for the test?

You will be asked to enter your credit card details through our fully secured payment page when you click on Take The Simulator Now!


What happens if I do not complete the test?

Upon payment and registration you will be emailed a user name and user password. Keep this information! If you are interrupted for any reason and are unable to complete the Simulator you can re-enter the program at any time at precisely the same point at which you discontinued the test. Simply click on Restart The Simulator and enter your details!




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