Matrix Simualtors - Sole distributor of The Real Estate Simulator for AlignMark Inc. in Australia and New Zealand

 Real Estate Simulator Overview

Matrix Simulators Pty Ltd is the sole distributor of The Real Estate Simulator for Australia and New Zealand.

The Real Estate Simulator has been providing the Real Estate Industry in North America with a powerful recruitment lead generator, selection and development tool since 1995. The combination of its skills assessment, personality profiling and cognitive testing has changed the way agents recruit, select, and develop new and experienced real estate salespeople.

It is now available to Real Estate Agents and candidates seeking a career in Real Estate Sales throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The Real Estate Simulator is a unique assessment comprised of video simulations depicting prospecting and selling situations. At a critical point in each job scenario, the participant is asked to indicate how he/she would deal with the situation (choose a multiple-choice answer). Responses to 40 cognitive questions and 60 personality-based questions are also collected on each participant. Once all questions have been answered, which generally takes between 45 and 60 minutes, responses are objectively scored to determine the participant’s probability of success for the salesperson role.

A brief demonstration of the program is available on this site. It is however a large file due to the video content and it will take some 5 minutes to download the first time. Once “cached” it will run immediately.

Individuals completing the Real Estate Simulator will automatically be assessed for their suitability for a career in real estate in terms of their sales skills, personality and cognitive ability. The system will statistically compare their responses to top performing agents and generate a detailed report.


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