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What is the Real Estate Simulator?

The Real Estate Simulator is an on-line assessment tool using video simulation technology, intelligence testing and personality profiling to assess the probability of success of new sales recruits.


How does the Simulator work?

Candidates interact with virtual clients on the internet in situations depicting the appraising, listing and selling of property. It is unique and real estate specific. They can access the Simulator through your own website or through our website 24/7!


How do I use the Simulator?

It’s easy! You can simply ask candidates to access the Simulator through our website on a user pays basis. Alternatively we set it up for you on your website with Custom Branded pages displaying your corporate branding. The Simulator can be purchased in cost effective “user packs” of 10 prepaid tests and accessed on-line through your website or you can take an “unlimited usage” subscription for 12 months with a link direct from your own website.


Why should I take an “unlimited usage” subscription?

The Real Estate Simulator is a very powerful recruitment lead generator when promoted effectively. We set up a “custom branded registration page” that is positioned on your website to facilitate the testing of larger numbers of people.  It is the most cost effective way to deliver the best results. You “drive” potential recruits to a careers area on your website that promotes your company/group and encourages them to “take the Simulator”.  You spend your valuable time talking to or meeting with only those candidates whose results show a high probability of success.


What is a “custom branded registration page”?

It is an access page for the registration of candidates that is specific to your company.  For examples please click on the links below:

This is the link between your website and The Real Estate Simulator.


How do I drive potential recruits to my website?

By using cost effective recruitment advertising that simply asks: “Are you seeking a career in Real Estate Sales?” and placing it on internet employment websites such as, in your property advertisements and in the employment pages of your local newspapers.  This is a start but we can show you many other ways of searching for the right people.


Should I be interviewing first or testing first?

Your goal should be to test as many potential new sales recruits as possible to identify the best ones and even uncover the “hidden talent”!  You then only spend time on those with the highest probability of success. This is one of the great benefits of the “unlimited usage” subscription.  You can, of course, use individual tests from either a “user pack” or the pay by credit card system on our website should you wish to only test those candidates you have already identified through the interview process as having potential.


How do I get the results?

The system produces comprehensive reports that are automatically emailed to either you or the candidate on the completion of the test.


What is in the report?

The report provides a graph on a candidate’s overall suitability for the role along with graphs that demonstrate a person’s strengths and weaknesses in several key areas essential to success in real estate sales. These include building rapport, managing the sales process, closing skills and more! The detailed personality profile covers areas such as sociability, assertiveness, achievement, dependability and emotional resilience.

(click here to view sample report)


What do I need to do next?

At Matrix we have a variety of very cost effective pricing models available for members of the larger franchise and marketing groups or for independent agencies.  Please contact Gary Beesley on +61 8 8232 2220 for your best price option. Ask me for a Free Trial and you will experience for yourself the power and benefits of using The Real Estate Simulator!  




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